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By Melissa Hunter

The nerves that come with expecting parents are pretty rough. Particularly when you're a celebrity power couple with catalogue-ordered twins on the way.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are expecting twin girls this summer from a surrogate (who, according to Star has a checkered past... CHECKERED!). We get it though. When you're a size negative 2, how could a woman birth one, let alone two kids? There's no way they'd even fit in her to begin with.

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Comedian Mario Cantone, a friend of SJP's, told People that she "has definitely wanted to have a girl." Well we're glad parents finally get to choose the gender of their kids then. They also chose green eyes and red hair for the twins. Oh wait, sorry, that's only been government-approved for celebrity children.

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Cantone adds, "She's going to have so much fun bringing the two girls up and teaching them to be young ladies." It's true, Sarah Jessica is the ultimate lady. They'll probably take their first steps in Manohlos.

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On Letterman last night, Matthew Broderick revealed his nerves about the pending twin girls. He said, "Oh man, I'm nervous just even thinking about it....I've asked people, 'What's it like to have twins?' One father said, 'I don't recommend it.'" Don't worry, Matthew, you've got nothing to worry about. Your nannies on the other hand, will have their hands full.

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In all seriousness, we can't wait to see two little Sarah Jessicas running around Manhattan. Hopefully they'll follow in their mom's acting footsteps so when the producers finally give up on making "Sex and the City" sequels, they'll be old enough to star in a genuine remake.