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Is Vanessa Hudgens two-faced?

The "High School Musical" star is showing another side of herself in this month's special InStyle makeover issue.

Gone from "undone" to "all done up," the actress reveals a transformation from her every day style to vamp!

"I've grown more bold about taking risks and not worrying about what people think," she says. When she first started using makeup, "My mom really let met play," she adds. "In the long run [it] has given me the confidence to experiment. Now I wear everything -- reds, corals, nudes. I usually don't wear pink but I had fun trying on fuchsia for this shoot!"

Vanessa also reveals her favorite things (including Chanel nail polishes and Kerastase Oleo-Curl mist) plus a few fashion do's and don'ts, saying, "I dress for myself," not to impress others -- or gain boyfriend Zac Efron's approval. She adds, "I've learned that short-short skirts are not the way to go."

The InStyle makeover issue is on stands this Friday, July 31.