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Elijah Wood, or as most know him, Master Frodo, is best known for his work in "The Lord of the Rings," but the actor has a secret hobby: deejay. He took to the turntables on Tuesday night in Los Angeles at the launch of Bushmills' "Since Way Back" L.A. campaign, a night dedicated to celebrating old friends and new creative ventures. In between sipping whiskey and getting down behind the DJ booth, Wonderwall caught up with the actor -- who will begin filming "The Hobbit" later this month -- about his love of spinning and why he'd love to work with Kate Winslet.

Wonderwall: Why did a partnership with Bushmills appeal to you?

Elijah Wood: It is about a group of friends. It's not about a guest celebrity endorsement of this particular alcohol brand; it's about that person and his three or four or more friends and what their relationship is and what their experience is. That spoke to me because my friendships are extremely important to me. There was also an element of it that included the various other things I do with music and other creative ventures.

WW: Speaking of music, you're a DJ now! Are we going to start seeing more events with you in the DJ booth?

EW: I've always just loved music. I've been doing it for a while now, and I just think people are just now starting to notice. I have started to take myself more seriously as a DJ, but it's just fun.

WW: So no career change as of now?

EW: [laughs] No, not as of now.

WW: It was mentioned that we can expect some "upcoming content" including custom pieces of music and art developed by each group. Any Bushmills-exclusive Elijah Wood acting to anticipate in the near future?

EW: Ah yes. I think it will be a collaboration between a few of us, and it'll probably be music focused.

WW: The Bushmills' campaign, "Since Way Back" seems to focus on primarily male figures in the arts and fashion scene. If you had to pick, who would your top female artist be to join the ranks?

EW: There are so many! I guess the first that jumps to my mind is Kate Winslet. I think what she is doing is so important. She's just incredible and full of integrity for her work, a great actress. And bringing attention to the whole woman's body image thing is so important. I just think that with body image and what's being put out there about what's pretty and what's not, it's just so skewed.