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LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Woody Harrelson is likening a paparazzo he tussled with at a New York airport to one of the undead zombies he battled in his most recent film.

In a statement released Friday, Harrelson jokingly compares the scrutiny of the paparazzi to his being "constantly under assault by zombies" in his upcoming film "Zombieland."

Celebrity gossip site TMZ posted a video on Thursday of Harrelson chasing one of their photographers who followed the actor and his 12-year-old daughter through New York's LaGuardia Airport. TMZ said Harrelson broke the photographer's main camera, and the paparazzo is heard repeatedly accusing Harrelson of assault while he continued to follow the actor.

Harrelson says he was "still very much in character" when he was met by the photographer, who, he adds, he mistook for a zombie.