Abby Lee Miller sought advice from a prison expert before her stint behind bars.

Media outlets are equating it to the plot of 2015's "Get Hard" in which Will Ferrell turns to Kevin Hart to essentially toughen him up before prison.

SAF / Splash News

The "Dance Moms" star reported to federal prison in Victorville, Calif., on July 12 to begin her 366 day sentence for fraud (Will's character in the film was also convicted of fraud). She could be released in ten months.

TMZ reported that Abby turned to a former law enforcement official to give her the details of what to expect in the clink. Abby was reportedly told to follow orders and get in tight with correction officers to reap benefits like better job assignments, such as cooking classes, accounting, and cosmetology.


The reality TV star was also told not to shy away from inmates who like her for her fame. Those inmates, she was told, could be a source of protection from prison bullies.

It's not known how much she spent for the prison coach, but she met with the person for two months.


Just two days before heading to prison, Abby told photographers that "there is no way to prepare" and that it felt "surreal" with a prison date lingering over her head. She joked that the best part about going behind bars was "free rent for ten months."

"It's like vacation," she said. "No, I shouldn't joke about it. It's very serious and I'm doing what was accepted."

Her attorney, William Price, told TMZ that Abby has begun this chapter of the process "and there is now an end in sight."