Ashton Kutcher was mocked online after saying he was lucky to be alive because his wife, Mila Kunis, threw his birthday party at the Thousand Oaks, California bar where 12 people were shot and killer — the birthday party, though, was in February.


"My wife threw me a birthday party this year at the Borderline. Only reason we are alive is the shooter chose a different night," he tweeted on Nov. 8. "My heart goes out to the victims. I'll say it again... Gun Reform Now! Politicians need to stop standing behind the dollar & Protect the people!"

Ashton's birthday, for the record, is February 7.

Twitter users essentially shook their heads at his tweet.

"Way to make yourself a part of the story. I flew on a plane in 2001. I could have been part of 9/11 too if I was flying that day. Could you be any more self-absorbed?," one person said.

Another said, "Wow… Way to spin a tragedy and make it about yourself. 'Omg, I could be dead, but I'm not because I wasn't there.'"

Others noted that Ashton would have likely had armed security with him had he been at the bar.

Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock

After his initial tweet, the actor made several passionate calls for gun reform.

"I grew up a hunter, I worked at a gun club pulling trap growing up. No body is taking your guns!!! Gun reform!!!!! Let it be a test. Your electorate doesn't want to die when they go to church or a concert or a bar!," he wrote. "The BS rhetoric around arming more people to protect others is just that, BS! Armed people got killed last night! Gun Reform now!!!"

Ashton even brought Donald Trump's daughter into his pleas, citing her presence in Pittsburgh following the attack two weeks ago at the Tree of Life synagogue.

"@IvankaTrump your brother in law was at that birthday party. He could have just as easily been a victim. You go to synagogues you could be a victim! Talk to your dad! Plead with your dad! Let this be your legacy! Gun Reform now!," Ashton said, adding, "Love thy neighbor. Gun reform now!"

The actor continued, indicating that the government needs to do more to support mental health care initiatives.

"ATF needs to require background checks. Improve state and federal systems to vet owners and buyers. Tie mental health records to purchase of fire arms. Increase funding for mental health. Focus AG (when we get one) on gun trafficking and illegal acquisition. Gun Reform now!," he said. "We all have a right to freedom unless you do something to lose that right and end up in jail. We all have a right to guns unless you do something to lose that right and get your gun taken away! Gun Reform Now!!!"

The actor tweeted to plea to several high-profile politicians, including Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Cory Booker and Ben Sasse.

"The right to bear arms was built on the notion that we could form a militia to fight back against an unjust government. Is that realistic today? A nuclear bomb is an arm. Do you have the right to own that? Gun Reform Now!! No one is taking your guns," he said. "If your argument is that these reforms won't change anything I simply ask 'What problems will be the reforms create?' No one is taking your guns. Gun Reform Now!"

"This isn't an either/or it's a both!Support mental health initiatives & support Gun Reform Now!!," he said. "My friend gave me a gun as a gift in the parking lot of the borderline on my birthday. I've never shot it. I don't think I ever will.❤️to the families of the lost. Change is coming."