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Blac Chyna is reportedly in the clear from her arrest at a Texas airport for drug possession last year.

TMZ is reporting that the case has been dismissed.

Court documents show that prosecutors in Austin having dropped the third-degree felony charge against the "Rob and Chyna" star and judged signed off on the dismissal on Friday, Jan. 13, nearly a year after the arrest.

On Jan. 29, 2016, Chyna was busted at Austin airport for being publicly drunk and disorderly. After being placed in handcuffs, police searched her purse and found two small white pills in a sunglasses case.

Authorities tested the pills and it came back positive for MDMA, which is commonly known as ecstasy.

A police report, obtained by the celebrity news website at the time, indicated that Chyna became "verbally aggressive to a bartender ... who then would not serve her the amount of alcohol she wanted."

She then let her body become dead weight and refused to walk.

Chyna reportedly told the bartender earlier that she had taken Xanax. During the arrest, a police officer asked her if she had been drinking and she replied, "Of course," and began to cry.

She apparently was allowed on the plane, but was taken off by officers after she became verbally aggressive with a flight attendant.

Shortly after Chyna's arrest, her now-fiance, Rob Kardashian, came out of his reclusiveness and hightailed it to Texas, driving 1,300 miles to get her following her release. It was the first time Rob had been seen in public in about a year and a half.