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TheStewartofNY / Splash News 1 / 10

Cate Blanchett is putting up a strong front and was photographed wearing her wedding ring this week after images surfaced of her director husband cozying up to another woman in Australia.

The "Carol" actress was seen on Tuesday in New York, looking relaxed as she got into a car in New York. She didn't speak to paparazzi who snapped away.

Cate's appearance in the Big Apple comes a week after her husband, filmmaker Andrew Upton, was seen getting "very close" with 27-year-old actress Harriet Dyer. Images, published in the Daily Mail, show him with his arm around Harriet, while others show her holding onto his arm as they watched fellow bar patrons play billiards.

Andrew has since come out and said that he and Harriet are nothing more than friends who have known each other for years.

Onlookers weren't so sure.

"At one point they were holding hands and he had his arm around her," an onlooker told Australia's New Idea.

The onlooker said they seemed affectionate and were never far from each other throughout the evening. They were often in "close conversation" the onlooker said. It was claimed after Andrew walked away from Harriet at one point, she pulled him back in close.

Photos showed Andrew clutching a glass while she rested her hand on his chest after they left the bar. However, photos show that they hailed separate cabs, exchanging pleasantries before going their different ways.

Andrew and Harriet, who starred in the Australian drama "Love Child," previously worked together through the Sydney Theatre Company.