To say that Debra Messing watches what she eats would be putting it lightly.

The New York Post's Page Six got ahold of her rider before a recent party for Haute Living, celebrating her recent cover. Debra, it seems, is allergic to A LOT of things. It's hard to figure out what she CAN eat.

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The rider said, "Food allergies: Debra is allergic to ALL WHITE FISH, chicken, mushrooms, gluten, dairy, butter (except feta and goat cheese). Debra does not eat game, beans, yogurt, broccoli, cauliflower. She is lactose intolerant. She cannot have cheese or milk (only coconut milk)."

The list continued, "Additional Allergies: Debra is allergic to wool, cats, cashmere, down feathers, FLOWERS and gabardine [a type of woven cloth]. The only flower she is not allergic to is orchids."

Page Six said party staff adhered to her instructions and created an allergy-free hors d'oeuvres menu, which included "tomato gazpacho with feta cream; marinated tuna in tomatoes; marinated salmon with granita of cucumber, rum and lemon; and truffle pizza (gluten-free, naturally)."


The restaurant also replaced all of its flowers with pink orchids.

The "Will & Grace" star has spoken about her allergies in the past. In 2013, she opened up to about her issues.


"I have been a longtime allergy sufferer and it has had a very real impact on my life; my personal life, my working life," she said.

The actress spoke of a "crazy" allergic experience she had while filming "The Wedding Date" on the English countryside.

"All of a sudden, I just had a reaction and my entire face turned pink and puffy. And my eyes just started watering constantly and the director came in and just took one look at me and was like 'Oh, OK. We can't shoot!,'" she said. "And literally we had to shut down production and just sit and wait for my allergies to resolve. Everybody was basically sitting around watching my face de-puff. And it was obviously uncomfortable and embarrassing."