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By Stacie Anthony

She was fun in "Will & Grace," she's serious in "Smash," and now Debra Messing is getting real with Wonderwall. While promoting the allergy medicine Zyrtec, the fiery redhead dished about how her allergies temporarily shut down production on one of her films, her tricks for looking camera-ready and what big plans are in store this spring with her adorable son, Roman. Keep reading to get up-to-date with Debra …

Wonderwall: Can you tell us about teaming up with Zyrtec?

Debra Messing: I have been a longtime allergy sufferer and it has had a very real impact on my life; my personal life, my working life. I've basically been searching for something that works consistently for me. And Zyrtec honestly works for me.

I have had crazy experiences prior to discovering Zyrtec where I was on my movie set of "The Wedding Date" and we were in the beautiful English countryside. And all of a sudden, I just had a reaction and my entire face turned pink and puffy. And my eyes just started watering constantly and the director came in and just took one look at me and was like 'Oh, OK. We can't shoot!' And literally we had to shut down production and just sit and wait for my allergies to resolve. Everybody was basically sitting around watching my face de-puff. And it was obviously uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Do you have any tricks to "de-puff"?

I always carry saline drops with me and they come in little portable one-serving size. So if my eyes are feeling dry or itchy, I can just flush them and all the pollen and dirt will be flushed away. And that helps. During allergy season, every morning before I go to set I will put ice in a bowl and fill it with some aloe juice or cucumber water and let it get really, really, really cold. And then saturate a washcloth and put it on my face for two minutes and it instantly takes down any puffiness. And it also wakes up you.

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How would you describe your personal style and how has it evolved over the years?

I would describe it as comfortable, bold, confidant, classic. I like a sleek silhouette, but I really love bold accents or bold color. I think it's very powerful. But I think it's evolved really because of becoming a mother. I don't have the luxury of the time that I had prior to becoming a mother to focus on fashion. Multitasking seems to be the only mode that a working mom can be in, so it's always good to find something that I'm comfortable in, so that if I take a break from work, I can play with my son and feel comfortable and go back and forth. So that has dictated a lot of it.

What has your son Roman been up to lately?

He's turning 9! Which is craziness. He just finished touch football and he takes tennis. In his school everyone in the 3rd grade is required to take violin, which is the cutest thing in the world. He's busy. He's very busy and very excited that spring is around the corner.

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Do you two have anything fun planned this spring?

Just getting outside. Central Park is an amazing place to be and we spend as much time there as possible because we love to be outdoors, we love to play sports. To go and rent little boats like in the "Stuart Little" movie. [Laughs]

What makes you laugh?

My son!

You have a new puppy, too.

We do! His name is Henry and he is just delicious.

What's it like working with such a powerhouse cast on "Smash"?

It's heaven! It really is. It's inspiring every single day. Anjelica Houston is a force of nature and one of the loveliest human beings that I have ever met. Christian Borle makes me laugh every single day. Hearing Megan [Hilty] and Kat [McPhee] sing is just a thrill. And Jack Davenport, we go back to "The Wedding Date," so we have a long history and it's just a really wonderful place to work.

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Does the cast spend time together off-set?

When there are special occasions we all gather together like the season premiere all got together and went to the Palm in New York City and watched it in their backroom and they've since painted a mural of us. So the cast of "Smash" is on the walls at the Palm.

Can you tell us about the new pilot you're involved with?

Yes! It's based on a successful half-hour single-camera comedy in Israel right now. It's about a woman, who is a wife and mother and a working woman living in Brooklyn, New York, and just trying to juggle everything as best she can and I just found it funny in a fresh, sort of modern way. And I'm excited about it.