George Lopez is off the hook following his alleged attack on a Donald Trump-loving fan.


According to TMZ, the misdemeanor battery charge against the comedian was thrown out "after a notice of dismissal was submitted." In other words, the case, which would have been tried in Las Cruces Municipal Court, was dropped because the alleged victim failed to appear in court and also didn't notify anyone that he wasn't showing up.

George found himself in hot water in October after a man claimed the comedian attacked him inside a New Mexico Hooters because he supported Donald Trump, someone who George has criticized. However, George's camp told TMZ another story, claiming the man was harassing George all night, shouting "MAGA" at him and approaching his table several times.

The man claimed George grabbed the back of his neck while he filmed the comedian leaving the restaurant.

In chatting with TMZ after the incident, the man claimed he only wanted a photo with George and said he referenced Trump because he knew it would get a reaction out of George.