Heather Locklear was taken to the hospital in Los Angeles for a psychiatric evaluation after a family member reported that actress was having suicidal thoughts.

TMZ reported that police and medical personnel showed up to the "Melrose Place" star's home on June 17 after a family member called 911 indicating Heather was threatening to kill herself.


In the emergency dispatch audio, obtained by TMZ, the dispatcher claims that a family member said Heather was "trying to hurt herself and is looking for a gun to shoot herself." The dispatcher said Heather didn't have access to any weapons.

A source close to Heather told the website that the actress was "agitated during the day, so her parents went over to her home." Heather then "got violent, choking her mother and hitting her father."

The Sheriff's Department reportedly sent multiple units to the home on Sunday to handle any possible threat.

Once things calmed down, Heather, 56, was taken to the hospital.

The incident is considered a medical issue and not criminal. Thus far, 2018 is one to forget for Heather. Earlier this year, on Feb. 25, Heather was arrested for domestic violence and assaulting a police officer.

VCSO / Splash News

TMZ reported that Heather's brother went to her home that evening and saw the actress and her boyfriend fighting. He called 911. Once police officers arrived and tried to take Heather in for domestic violence, she allegedly became combative and attacked a cop. In addition to the DV charge, she was also arrested on three counts of misdemeanor battery on an officer. After the arrest, Heather was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

A few weeks later, Heather caught a break. On March 12, the district attorney charged the actress with four counts of misdemeanor battery on an officer, along with with one count of resisting/obstructing an officer. She was not charged with assaulting her boyfriend, despite that being the original reason for her arrest.