The year 2016 has been a whirlwind of drama for Iggy Azaela, whose fiancé Nick Young was outed for cheating by his Los Angeles Laker's teammate back in March. By June they had called it quits, but then, new reports surfaced that he had gotten his ex Keonna Green pregnant while he was still with the pop star. Whoa!

Instead of let the rumors simmer, Iggy took to Twitter on Thursday, June 30, to address the buzz herself though she doesn't even know what's really going on.

"I have never even been told by nick that his baby mother is pregnant so if this is true I'm finding out via E news," she wrote.

The "Black Widow" singer may not have fully confirmed if Keonna, who already has one child with the NBA player, was indeed knocked up, but she did take the time to set the record straight on why she left Swaggy P.

"I broke up with Nick because I found out he had brought other women into our home while I was away and caught them on the security footage."

She went on to speak of how hurt she would be if the baby rumors were true.

"This is just like a second shot to the chest," the 26-year-old tweeted. "And I feel like I don't even know who the hell it is I've been loving all this time."

Poor Iggy, officially split from Nick on June 19, after two and a half years of dating, and trying hard to make it work since March.

"Unfortunately although I love Nick and have tried and tried to rebuild my trust in him, it's become apparent in the last few weeks I am unable to," she explained via Instagram. "I genuinely wish Nick the best. It's never easy to part ways with the person you planned you're [sic] entire future with, but futures can be rewritten and as of today mine is a blank page."

His announcement wasn't as graceful. "Single," he tweeted.

A few days later, furniture was spotted being taken out of the Los Angeles home they lived in, and a car being towed. But, she wasn't giving Nick the boot.

"I never had anyone's car towed nor did I kick nick out of 'my' house," she clarified on Twitter. "The home belongs to nick, I am the one moving. Thanks."

Nick proposed to I-G-G-Y back in June 2015, with a huge 10.43 carat rock. Let's hope she's keepin' it!