Video has surfaced of Jean-Claude Van Damme's son being arrested, and the footage shows a pretty intense encounter.

On Sept 10, Nicholas Van Varenberg was arrested in Tempe, Arizona, after he allegedly held his roommate at knifepoint.

MCSO/Splash News

Video obtained by TMZ shows police initially interviewing the roommate. The video then cuts to police chatting with Nicholas while he is under arrest. The actor's son seems dumbfounded as to why he's under arrest at all, telling authorities that the roommate, A.J., is his "best friend." He also claims they're arresting the wrong person. In fact, he said he was just an innocent bystander in a fight between A.J. and someone else.

"Jesus Christ, can I get up? Do you guys have a warrant to search my room? You guys don't have a warrant then?" he questioned the officers. "A.J.'s the roommate that caused all this ... Am I detained?"


TMZ reported on Sept. 12 that local police were called after the youngest Van Damme punched an elevator in his building and then officers found a trail of blood to the apartment. Nicholas had an injury to his hand.

The cops asked questions and left, but the roommate apparently ran down the stairs of the apartment building and claimed he escaped after being held at knifepoint by Nicholas.

Nicholas was arrested and booked on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful imprisonment, marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.