An assault case against Drake brought on by music producer Detail has been dismissed.

The trial was set to begin next month.


Patch reported that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elaine Lu recently threw out the case after Detail (real name Noel Fisher) failed to show up for a final status conference. Detail has a history of skipping out on meetings pertaining to the lawsuit.

Drake claimed last week that Detail has been MIA of late, citing the fact that he failed to show up to a February deposition and didn't communicate as to why. Drake's team also said Detail skipped a medical exam.

In fact, they said they've heard nothing but radio silence from Detail or his team over the past month.


The lawsuit stems from an alleged incident at Drake's mansion in 2014. Detail claimed that Drake reached out to him about working together, and they set up a meeting at the rapper's Los Angeles house.

Detail says he arrived and was not greeted by Drake, but rather a bodyguard. He alleged that the bodyguard punched him in the face and broke his jaw. The music producer says he was hospitalized and required several surgeries to repair the damage. He says he asked Drake to pay of the medical bills but he refused, hence the lawsuit.

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Detail, who was nominated for three Grammys in 2015, claimed that Drake and the bodyguard were angry after he turned down Drake's offer to be his exclusive producer. He also said he was lured to the home under false pretenses. He further stated that Drake stood nearby as the alleged assault took place, but didn't intervene.

Drake acknowledged that an incident occurred that evening, but said his bodyguard acted in self defense.

From the get go, they've asked that the lawsuit be tossed… Ask, and ye shall receive.