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Well, that was fast! Less than a month after getting engaged, former "Cosby Show" star Keshia Knight Pulliam has tied the knot!

The actress, who played the ever-so-adorable Rudy Huxtable on the popular 80s sitcom, announced the good news by posting a snap of her and her man, NFL player Ed Hartwell, on Instagram.

"The most AMAZING day of our life!!!," she captioned the image with a link to her podcast where she discussed her "dream" wedding day. "Listen as we share our magical wedding day. #IAmOfficiallyMrsHartwell."

On the podcast, Keshia said she surprised their families with the wedding. "It was my dream. We did it literally in our living room in our home," she said. "We come from large family. I'm one of four, Ed is one of six. We invited people. They had no clue they were coming to a wedding. They thought they were coming to a New Year's party."

As for the decor, she said, "I love flowers. For me that was my biggest thing. I just want to be surrounded by flowers. That's something I do in our household regularly. We always have fresh flowers in the house. There's something about it. That's so inviting, so warm, so welcoming. It's kind of like a show of love."

The couple announced their were engaged on New Year's Eve when Keshia shared a snap of her with her new diamond sparkler.

"Happy to spend not only my new year but my life with this guy!!!," he captioned a shot of them kissing.

Earlier in the week she gushed about her beau on social media. "I fell in love with his heart & selflessness…," she wrote on Instagram. "No where I'd rather be than enjoying a night of paying it forward with my love @edhartwell !! #Stars4Wishes #MakeAWish."

On her podcast, she spoke of how she and Ed, whose ex-wife is "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Lisa Wu, met.

"I had known Ed in passing for years. We never really connected in that way. He was married previously, I was dating someone else...He was so not on my radar. He came actually and helped with my nonprofit and that's what opened the door. I tried my best not to like him."

She continued, "I was a little more reserved, a little more quiet but still myself [with this relationship]. I allowed him to show me who he was through his actions. There were so many times he would say things verbatim what I prayed for. He would speak and his priorities and the things he valued were completely in alignment with who I am…and that's when I knew it was real."

Keshia knows that some people will question them since they got engaged and married so quickly, but she doesn't concern herself with the criticism.

"Everyone does not live every moment of their life on social media," she says. "I encourage people to live their lives and to enjoy every moment and to not be so caught up capturing the perfect picture that you're not enjoying the biggest gift and that's the present."