Could the drama finally be behind them?

Months after Kourtney Kardashian started seeing boxer-turned-model Younes Bendjima, her troubled ex and baby daddy, Scott Disick, took a break from having flings with multiple actresses and models -- and, it seems, hit pause on his hard-partying lifestyle -- and settled into a romance with Sofia Richie. They went public in September.

Both relationships are marked by significant age differences -- Kourtney is 38, Younes is 24; and Scott is 34, while Sofia, whose dad is music legend Lionel Richie, is just 19.

But both also seem to be working -- and, though Scott previously had big issues with Kourtney finding a new man -- according to a new report from TMZ, at this point, Kourtney is actually just fine with Scott dating Sofia.

Neil Warner / Splash News

Kardashian sources tell TMZ that Scott's relationship with the teenager "doesn't bother Kourtney, because she thinks it's genuine and feels good that he's moving on," TMZ reported on Oct. 8.

On Oct. 2, Sofia posted an Instagram photo of herself hugging Scott on vacation.

TMZ added that Kourtney and Scott "have been on good terms for months now and have the co-parenting thing down." Scott heating up with Sofia, TMZ writes, "hasn't rocked the boat."

One of the most important factors might just be that Scott -- who's famously abused drugs and alcohol in the past -- hasn't been making headlines for going on wild benders in ages, which Kourtney thinks is good news for their three kids, Mason, 7, Penelope, 5, and Reign, 2.

(Kourtney reportedly banned him from seeing their kids back in May after his out-of-control behavior escalated.) / Splash News

TMZ confirms Kourtney indeed told Scott "he had to clean up his act if he wanted to be around their kids. So far, it seems like his time with Sofia is helping," TMZ writes.

Insiders previously told the website that Kourtney had some ground rules if Scott wanted to be in his kids' lives: The kind of heavy partying he was doing in Cannes in May had to stop and he had to accept that she'd moved on and would be dating other people.