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We have a breach! Kylie Jenner's cosmetics site has been inadvertently exposing very personal customer information, it was reported on Monday.

TMZ reported that the issue has been resolved for now.

What was happening was when several people tried to log into the site, it would send them to an existing customer's account. The account would reveal names, email addresses, personal addresses, order history and more.

Then, when a customer refreshed the site, it would send them to another customer's account, which could be dangerous, as private information was exposed.

Customers of Kylie Cosmetics were understandably upset, and complained. The company apparently was unaware of the issue and put a digital bandage on the problem, although the fix is just temporary.

What's particularly troubling is that Monday was a big day on her website, as she launched a new line of "Metals" matte lipstick and she sold out incredibly quickly. But, with so many people looking at the site, many people's personal information could have been compromised.

Kylie has yet to address the leak on social media, but she was incredibly thrilled about the success of her hugely popular lip kits.

"Sold out! This is the most glosses & mattes we've sold at once EVER! It makes me so happy to see everyone so excited," she tweeted, while following it up with,"I'm going to change our holding page ('the line' which keeps my site from crashing because of the mass amounts of people) and find an alternative that still keeps my site up and running. I don't like it either."

Since launching last year, the lip kits, have been a hit and are selling out at a wild pace.

In keeping the iron in the fire, so to speak, Kylie has continued adding new colors and products to her line, too. On April 1 she introduced glosses to the line via a highly-produced music video.

Like most of her products, the glosses line sold out quickly.

On Monday, the Puma-pitchwoman spoke about the fast-moving sales, tweeting, "For the many many people who got their hands on one of my glosses or mattes I can't wait to see you in them. When we come back... METALS."