Lena Dunham has been giving her friend Lorde the cold shoulder for nearly a year.

In January, romance rumors linked the singer with Jack Antonoff, who Lena dated for five years. Weeks after they split, reports said Jack had moved on with Lorde.

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"It was so embarrassing. It was awful," Lena told The Cut. "I don't think anything happened between them."

At the time, though, she wasn't so sure, and that is what was upsetting her so much.

"I can never know someone else's life. I have never spoken to Ella [Lorde] about it," she said. "We haven't talked since Jack and I broke up. It was awful, and I couldn't do anything about it except trust that what he was saying to me was true."

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Still, there were signs pointing to a potential romance. In late January, Jack and Lorde were spotted at a Grammys party, and looked very much together, one report indicated. Then, in February, Jack and Lorde were photographed in New Zealand.

At the time, Jack denied a romance, tweeting, "Normally i would never address rumors but i resent having the most important friendships and working relationships in my life reduced to dumb hetero normative gossip. those relationships are deeply important and sacred. with that said, im not seeing anyone. lol."

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Although, she's not on speaking terms with Lorde, she often communicates with her ex, but acknowledged that their relationship "probably lasted longer than it should have."

She then added, "He's a very loyal person, so he was not going to bail when the going got tough."

In March, Jack was linked with model Carlotta Kohl.