Mira Sorvino's 11-year-old son was awarded a $100,000 payday after he was attacked by an aggressive dog.


Johnny Backus, Mira's son, was 7 years old at the time of the attack.

TMZ cited legal documents which state that in 2013 Mira was looking to buy a house, and she took her son with her to preview the home. While they were there, the owner's dog went after Jonny and began biting him, wounding him on his legs and knees. He was treated and stitched.

Johnny has since recovered from the injuries, but some scarring remains. Mira and her husband, actor Christopher Backus, argued in court documents that their son is now pretty traumatized by the incident and is fearful of dogs (although he's okay around the family dogs).


Christopher sued on behalf of his young son.

Johnny's medical and legal expenses topped out at $67,000, but the case was settled for $100,000.