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Allegations against Hollywood super-producer Harvey Weinstein are continuing to come out.

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In the wake of a bombshell report from The New York Times accusing him of being a serial sexual harasser who's secretly been paying off his accusers for decades -- which has been followed by more revelations, stories and uncomfortable anecdotes about his alleged conduct -- comes a fresh story of bad behavior.

An Oct. 8 report from the New York Post's Page Six claims that in 2007, Weinstein paid a visit to the set of "Brideshead Revisited," which was shooting in the English countryside, because his first company, Miramax, was negotiating to distribute the movie in North America at the time.

The film featured a slew of talented actors including Hayley Atwell, Emma Thompson, Matthew Goode, Felicity Jones, Ben Whishaw, Michael Gambon, Greta Scacchi and more.

At one point during shooting, Weinstein allegedly struck up a conversation with Atwell -- who's now perhaps best known for her work on "Agent Carter" and in Marvel universe films including the "Captain America" and "Avengers" projects -- and "started flirting with the actress, who was clearly nervous, starring in one of her first major roles," the New York Post columns writes.

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Then, while having lunch with the cast and crew, he warned the then-24-year-old actress to "watch what she was eating, explaining that he had just come from watching that morning's filming and he didn't like what he saw," Page Six writes, citing a film industry source.

According to that source, Weinstein said to her, "You look like a fat pig on-screen. Stop eating so much."

Atwell, a Golden Globe nominee, later told one of her co-stars in the period drama -- Oscar winner Emma Thompson -- that Weinstein had told her to eat less. Thompson "flipped," the Post reports, writing that the established actress "took Weinstein aside and threatened to quit if he forced Atwell or any other woman on set to go on a diet."

According to the film industry source,"Emma called Harvey out for being a misogynist and a bully and really gave him a hard time," after which he backed off.

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That's just the latest in a series of new allegations to emerge in recent days following the publication of the NYT piece, many of which are recounted in the lengthy feature in the New York Post.

While many stars have remained silent, some have spoken out -- including "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski, who has a deal with Weinstein Books. On Oct. 7, she tweeted that she wants out unless Weinstein -- who has taken an indefinite leave of absence from his company amid the drama -- bows out completely.

"I have a three-book deal with Weinstein Books, through Hachette," she tweeted. "I can't go forward with those books unless Harvey resigns."