Former Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison for the White House, Omarosé Onée Manigault-Newman, was having something of a difficult time while competing in the Head of Household event on "Celebrity Big Brother," which reportedly lead to her being sent to the hospital to treat an injury, according to TMZ.

Walter McBride / Retna Ltd.

Friday night, the show's live feed went dark during the competition, as the contestants reportedly would first get dizzy and then bowl, however, when the show returned, it was revealed that Omarosa had been taken to the hospital, and may still be there.

News of the incident became known to viewers during a conversation between Ross Matthews and Marissa Jaret Winokur, when discussing the Head of Household challenge. Apparently, Ross was speculating as to if Omarosa would be coming back. Winokur replies that injuries do happen and have in the past (a broken ankle occurred last season), and guests are allowed to come back after. But then Marissa adds, "I put her in the hospital." Whoa!


So far it has not been explained as to what injury was suffered exactly by Omarosa, yet being that the contestants were kidding about it, there's a good chance it's not serious.

TMZ reached out to CBS for a comment on the injury and exactly when Omarosa would be returning, but they have yet to receive an answer.