Ruby Rose and an ex girlfriend are giving love a second chance.

The "Orange is the New Black" actress is back together with The Veronicas' singer Jess Origliasso. The two dated in 2008.

Social media photos over the past week seemed to indicate that they were back together, and Jess confirmed the reconciliation on a radio show, telling Australia Nova FM's Kent "Smallzy" Small that they fell back in love while filming a music video for The Veronicas' new song "On Your Side" -- a video in which Ruby stars.

"It's me. Me and Ruby Rose. And it is our love story in this video," said Jess. "It's about the dynamic, the highs and the lows of people in love, in a relationship."

Last week, Ruby shared a photo of she and Jess, calling her "the most beautiful girl I've ever known and loved."

Over the weekend, Ruby shared another image of the two of them together, although she didn't caption it. Jess shared the same image, captioning it with an emoji of a rose.

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"We have been friends for eight years. A really long time and it was just honestly the craziest thing," Jess said on Nov. 7. "We just reconnected over doing this video, she wrote and directed it, and is in it with us and we just sort of fell in love."

Jess said that they are going to be cautious about how much of their relationship they're going to put out there for the public to see.

"When we first got together way, way back, it was hard to know how much to share," she said. "Now we are quite protective of what we have, so obviously being able to be open enough but keeping a lot of it for ourselves is something that we're very conscious of and I think it just depends on the people what you're willing to share."

Still, she's ecstatic that their lives ended up coming together again.

"I don't know, it's just a crazy thing when you care about someone for so long and then you have the chance to be able to reconnect, and we've grown up a lot," she said. "We met very early on and we were very different people."

In late August, Jess couldn't help but gush about Ruby, sharing a photo of her, her twin sister Lisa and Ruby hugging.

"You know you've loved the right people in life, when they still check in with your mama, and care about them like their own. @rubyrose your sweet heart & beauty are only matched by your deep compassion. Here's to the next 10 years of friendship X I love you."