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Wait, Spencer Pratt used to hang with Ryan Gosling?

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction! Apparently reality TV villain Spencer Pratt and Ryan Gosling used to hang out back in the day.


Who would have seen that coming?

"The Hills" star revealed the bizarre tidbit while on the Allegedly podcast.

"I had a penthouse loft when I was a freshman at USC and the connecting penthouse loft was Ryan Gosling and we used to kick it all the time," he said. "He may deny it but I have many witnesses. I'll take a polygraph."

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Ryan, Spencer said, "told me a story about Scientology that has stuck with me for years. Let's just say it involved people not surviving heavy s--- and I was like, oh wow, this is not something to joke about."

The father-to-be thinks that if was a bigger star at the time like Lauren Conrad or Brody Jenner, he would have been pressured into joining the controversial religion.

"I never had the clean enough juice [to be recruited], if I had been a Brody or Lauren I think they would have come after me and I would have been like, lets get on a jet John Travolta," he said.


Spencer was quite tapped into the celebrity world back in the day. If you'll recall, he was best friends with Brody Jenner at one time. Because of their friendship, Spencer met Bruce Jenner a few times. He's never met Caitlyn Jenner, nor does he have much interest in it.

"I wouldn't want to meet Caitlyn," he said. "I'm Team Kris Jenner. I didn't like Bruce. I was team Brody. Bruce is like the worst person ever. He wouldn't even call Brody on his birthdays. And he lived in the Valley. It's not like, 'Oh, I'm in the Czech Republic and we don't have phones here today!' He was always bad as a human, from what I saw, being Brody's best friend."

"I had heard he had gotten hormone injections and all that but to me I was like, whatever, maybe that's Tuesday," Spencer said.

As a father, Spencer said Bruce "was a ghost."

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