Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are partners for life, but don't expect them to partner in business anytime soon.

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The couple has had a big year thanks to their hit reality series "Very Cavallari," which often makes a point of highlighting Jay's dry sense of humor. The show also focuses on the behind-the-scenes drama at Uncommon James HQ, Kristin's company. Interestingly though, when it comes to her personal and professional life, Kristin doesn't plan on intertwining them.

"[Jay's] opinion seems to always be to fire someone, which you see multiple times on the show," she told Page Six. "So if it was up to him, people would be fired left and right. It's probably a good thing that he doesn't actually own his own company."

She also joked that she doesn't plan on letting her husband give his input on accessories.

"I never see Uncommon James doing men's jewelry," she laughed.

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While she has no problem keeping her husband at a distance when it comes to her business, Kristin is happy that the show portrays "the real" Jay, she said, adding that she finds his reality TV fame "pretty hilarious."

Not only has the show been a boon to Jay's image — he was portrayed as lackadaisical when he was an NFL quarterback — but it's been beneficial for Uncommon James.

"I was expecting a little bit of an increase, but this has been great," she said. "For now I'm maxed out, and this is where I want to be… I'm really enjoying everything I have currently."