Ben Higgins as "The Bachelor"... again?

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He will be if "The Bachelor" fans have their way! As the hunt begins for Season 22's eligible hunk, members of Bachelor Nation have been voicing their opinion on which former star should get another chance (a la Brad Womack) -- and they're overwhelmingly calling for a Ben Higgins do-over.

Ever since wholesome Ben split from fiancee Lauren Bushnell back in May, fans have thrown his name into the running for another shot at finding happily ever after on primetime television.

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The new season of "The Bachelor" is scheduled to start shooting in September, and with no official announcement from ABC on who will be handing out roses, it's possible Ben is in the running.

The Denver-based reality star, who hosts "The Ben and Ashley Almost Famous" podcast with fellow "Bachelor" veteran Ashley Iaconetti, weighed in on the rumors, telling US Weekly, "I don't want to say I wouldn't, but I can't say I would, either."

But, due to things he's currently working on at the moment, he believes it might be too soon to step back into those shoes. "Right now, there are things in my life that I feel passionate about. My buddies and I have a blog, The Mahogany Workplace. And my friends and I started Generous Coffee. It's a for-profit company that supports causes that make the world better," Ben told the outlet. "So, this season of The Bachelor feels too soon. I'd be sacrificing things that I don't want to neglect."

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As for his love life since ending things with Lauren? "I'm not not ready to date," he confessed to US Weekly. "But it still feels weird. How do I take that first step? That's where I'm at. I do long for a commitment and to love somebody and for somebody to do the same for me. I'm ready to find that. If the right moment presented itself, I would want to take a first step."

It sounds like the diehard Ben Higgins fans still might have some work to do!