Jack-RS / X17 1 / 10
Jack-RS / X17 1 / 10

He appears! For the first time in about a year and a half, the reclusive Rob Kardashian has been clearly photographed and he looks rather different.

The former reality star was captured in his Bentley on Feb. 1 after returning from a 1,300 mile ride to pick up girlfriend Blac Chyna in Texas after she was arrested at the airport.

Rob has shunned the public spotlight since his sister Kim Kardashain West and Kanye West married in May 2014. He has been captured in grainy images and he's posted images of himself, but never shows his face.

It's believed that he has backed away from the limelight because he is unhappy with his weight -- he's reportedly gained 100 pounds.

The new images show Rob with a full-blown dark unruly beard, one that he's likely been growing for quite some time. His face looked somewhat rounder, indicating that he's still battling with his weight.

In the photos, Rob stares blankly ahead, sporting a black L.A. Dodgers baseball hat and a black t-shirt.

He didn't roll down the window or address the paparazzi who were snapping his picture. Chyna, who Rob was dropping off, didn't speak to the photographers either.

The two have had a fast relationship since it was made public last week. Before Chyna's flight from Los Angeles to Austin (enroute to London) she told a cameraman that the relationship was going well and she "loves" his famous sisters.