Anna Faris is nearly unrecognizable as an organic food store owner in the Sacha Baron Cohen comedy The Dictator.

In addition to sporting a brunette pixie cut, the actress, 35, was asked to grow out her armpit hair, Faris revealed on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Friday.

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"It took a few months, but I was naive enough to think I'm blonde -- well I'm not naturally blonde -- but it's got to be kind of light and cute, wispy," she said. "But it really wasn't. It was revolting. It was long and coarse and black."

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Growing out her armpit hair wasn't all bad, though. "It was a great party trick. If I really wanted to shock and gag people, I would show off my armpit hair at parties. It was remarkable," Faris laughed. "Chris [Pratt], my husband, was like, 'Honey, that's impressive."

Though she was excited to "go method" for the role, Faris underestimated "the power underneath my arms."

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"About an hour after we wrapped the last day, I didn't have a party, but it felt like a party for me," she told host Jay Leno, 61. "I went into the shower, where I had to cut it with scissors, and then it sort of clogged the drain up."

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