TV's next "It Girl" is looking for her "It Boy."

AnnaSophia Robb -- the pretty, blonde up-and-comer who's set to make her Jan. 14 debut as a young Carrie Bradshaw on the CW network's much-hyped Sex and the City prequel, The Carrie Diaries -- shares more than just a fondness for New York City with her lovelorn alter ego. She's also all too familiar with the character's seemingly endless single-gal struggles.

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In a new interview with Teen Vogue, the 19-year-old actress reveals that she "never" gets hit on. "Everyone always says that guys are intimidated by me, but I seriously doubt it," she tells the magazine. "I mean, I'm five-foot-nothing!"

Robb has her own theories about why there's a shortage of potential suitors in her life -- "I think I must make a stank face," she says, scowling in demonstration -- but her soon-to-be superstardom isn't among them. In fact, she insists she's just a normal teenage girl.

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"I loved high school," she says. "Everyone always asks me if the other kids treated me differently because of my career, but they didn't. If you act weird, people are going to treat you weird, but if you're just yourself, people respond to that."

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The Carrie Diaries producers certainly did. "They told me I got the part because I did a little chicken dance at the end of my audition, after they asked me about my prom," she says. "I guess they liked that I wasn't afraid to be goofy."

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