Daniel Robertson / StarTraks 1 / 9
Daniel Robertson / StarTraks 1 / 9

By Jessica Wedemeyer, with reporting by Scott Huver

Brooklyn Decker's tastes in fashion may not be especially avant-garde, but apparently the model-actress has a unique vision when it comes to interior design. The "Just Go With It" star dished on her new North Carolina digs while promoting her upcoming CBS sitcom "Friends With Better Lives" at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Los Angeles, and you won't believe the unusual aesthetic touches she added to her new pad!

"I have very weird tastes," admits the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, who lives part-time in Austin, Texas, with husband Andy Roddick. "I used to live in Brooklyn … and I wanted to pull in elements of every place that we've lived [in our new home]. So I got Biggie Smalls wallpaper from Brooklyn. That's super-weird. It's toile wallpaper, and it's got Biggie Smalls all over it."

While wallpaper featuring a deceased rapper might be, well, a little scary for some people, Brooklyn says the wallpaper "makes her laugh."

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"I thought, 'This is really funky and weird and fun,'" she explains. "I feel like when you go home, it should feel good and funny and happy."

Brooklyn also dished on the joy of building her new home, a "little getaway" near her family in North Carolina: "The joy is seeing a piece of land with nothing on it, and then seeing something you envisioned and created," she says. "It's completely materialistic. There's nothing really nice about it, but … to create your little retreat, I'm really lucky to be able to do that."

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Feeling a little envious now? Well, there is one thing the stunning model-actress is admittedly not fortunate enough to do: pull off bangs!

Despite her versatile hair history -- "I've cut my hair off; I've grown it long; I've dyed it brown; I wanted to dye it pink," she says -- the ability to pull off bangs alludes her. "They look terrible on me," Brooklyn admits. "I try and I try, and I never learn because I do it again and again, and it's always terrible."

Perhaps the high-maintenance hairdo is simply not suited to the laid-back model, who says she's "pretty low maintenance" when she's not working. When she's on set, however, it's another story: "When I'm working, it's like [I'm always] trying to keep the acne away, trying to keep the hair healthy and not cracking, trying to keep all of that up," she says. "[Then there's] the spray tans and the waxing and all the disgusting stuff that women have to do to kind of stay sort of at ground level."

Well, Brooklyn, we do not envy that!

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