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Dylan O'Brien is in hot water for stealing Native American artifacts from the set of "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials," TMZ Reports.

The 24-year-old rising star dished on nicking items from the film's Albuquerque, New Mexico, set -- and on the mysterious consequences that afflicted both him and his co-stars -- during an appearance on "Live! with Kelly & Michael" on Sept. 15.

"We filmed in New Mexico -- Albuquerque -- in these mountains. It was this ancient Indian burial ground," he told hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. "It hadn't been used for filming ever before, I guess. I think 'Lone Survivor' was going to use it -- it hasn't been used, though. They gave us this big speech when we got there to shoot, and they said basically, 'Don't take anything, and respect the grounds.' They were very strict about littering and don't take any artifacts -- rocks, skulls, anything like that."

But the young cast of the second installment of the "Maze Runner" franchise failed to heed the rules: "Everyone just takes stuff obviously," O'Brien said.

And according to the "Teen Wolf" star, there were mysterious consequences to their actions: "Within a week, five of our actors just went down [and got sick]," he said. "[With] random stuff too: random appendectomy, random 103 to 105 fever, random broken ankle. It was crazy."

"They had to send me home two nights in a row early cause I had a fever," he added. "I was sick. I couldn't do it."

Now there may be additional consequences.

TMZ chatted with Roch Hart, the manager of Albuquerque's Diamond Tail Ranch where "The Scorch Trials" was shot, who was less than pleased when he got wind of O'Brien's admission.

"If the artifacts are not returned, we will be contacting our attorney," Hart reportedly told TMZ, though he wasn't sure what if anything had actually been taken from the site.

According to TMZ, Hart contacted 20th Century Fox, the studio behind the "Maze Runner" franchise, on Tuesday to ask for their assistance locating the stolen items. Within a few hours, a representative for Fox reportedly circled back to tell Hart that the studio would address the matter with the film's cast and crew and ensure that any stolen items were returned.

If the artifacts truly are cursed, it may be in O'Brien's best interest to return them to their rightful place stat!