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Blake Lively sure didn't have to wait long for the womb whispers to start in earnest. Less than two weeks after she tied the knot with Ryan Reynolds in a hush-hush, s'mores-inclusive ceremony in South Carolina, her midsection and pallor are under serious scrutiny, courtesy of the New York Post.

The evidence, such as it is: The starlet, 25, seems to be "glowing" since her return to the Manhattan set of "Gossip Girl" this week, and all that extra radiance has apparently increased her appetite.

"Blake is usually really careful about what she eats, but since her wedding, she seems to be eating a lot more," notes an overly observant calorie counter. "Everyone on set is on bump-watch."

An alternate theory that works with or without a Reynolds-shaped bun in her oven: The actress and well-known foodie is simply happy and it shows.

The official word from Blake's camp? "The story isn't true," her rep tells Wonderwall.

Still, the newly minted Mrs. Reynolds has made no secret of her desire to be fruitful and multiply.

"I've always wanted a big family," she told the October issue of Allure. "Oh, I'd love 30 [kids] if I could."

As for talk that Blake's massive engagement sparkler set Ryan back somewhere in the swanky neighborhood of $2 million, a source assures Gossip Cop that it "didn't cost in the realm" of that figure.


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