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ET was there as Jon Gosselin left his New York City apartment and commented on Kate's comedy bit Kate's Wednesday night comedy bit on "The Jay Leno Show."

"It's messed up, the timing," Jon said of his estranged wife's sketch.

In the comedic routine on "Leno," pretend-photogs mob Kate at her car in a grocery store parking lot. "Seriously, I am exhausted. Leave me alone," she tells them. "Hey, what did Mommy say? I asked you to stop taking pictures and you continued." She tells one photog "go to your room," but after he complains that they're in a parking lot, she says, "go to your car" and come out "when you're ready to behave."

"What she does on TV, that's her career. I'm happy for her career," the father of eight told ET. "I hope she can be happy for my career [and] we can have a career on TV, kind of together, but our kids will come off."

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