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Just days after he announced his divorce to Camille Donatacci, actor Kelsey Grammer has addressed the rumor that he was out with a blond woman in New York, explaining the truth about how he spent his Father's Day.

"Some comments have surfaced about Father's Day. I don't know who is generating them but the truth is that I did call my kids that evening," the former "Frasier" actor wrote on his blog. "Frankly, I was surprised that they did not call me in the morning but I was thousands of miles away and working that day so I didn't give it a second thought."

The actor had moved to New York to star in the Broadway play "La Cage Aux Folles," while Donatacci and their two children were living in Los Angeles.

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Grammer went on to explain what he did on Father's Day, saying he went to a matinee and took a drive upstate with some friends.  He says he did not speak with his kids till that evening. "I have spoken to [Mason] and her brother Jude every day since and had called them every day before; perhaps it was foolish of me to expect a call on Father's Day, but frankly I did."

The actor also responded to a rumor that he was seen at a New York restaurant with a female companion. "A rumor from the 'bottom of the barrel set' has surfaced about me and a dirty blond at a restaurant in NYC. It was April and we were seen smooching at Five Napkin Burger. The dirty blond was my daughter Spencer, who was visiting that entire month. I do take issue with the characterization that we were smooching but surely if that were the case then even I admit it might be newsworthy in some fashion."

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Mentioning the possibility of dating other people, he added, "Certainly, the time will come when I do see another woman. I expect Camille to see other men. I hope people and the press will understand that we are both free to carry on with our lives. I ask that everyone remain discreet for the sake of our children; I will certainly do so."

The blog entry ended on a positive note: "In closing, let me say that Camille and I shared many wonderful things throughout our years together; there were just a few things that we couldn't work out. Gossip and the rumor mill always thrive during times like these, as in the Father's Day story."

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The former "Frasier" star will be hosting the "The TOD'nite Show" that will air on the new online social television network TODHD (Television On Demand in High Definition).

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