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By Wonderwall Editors

Lamar Odom has yet to come forth and deny his alleged addiction to crack cocaine. However, one thing that isn't true is that he's been missing for three days as a result of a massive drug binge.

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Wife Khloe Kardashian reportedly threw Lamar out of the house on Wednesday after he refused an intervention, leading to Lamar being M.I.A. for 72 hours. Family and friends were allegedly worried that the NBA star was on a massive drug binge. However, Lamar's mouthpiece tells TMZ that Lamar is fine. However, the rep wouldn't elaborate on his whereabouts.

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But that doesn't mean all is well in Kardashian-Odom land. Sources tell TMZ that the couple has "effectively" separated. Lamar has been reportedly addicted to hardcore drugs for two years, which has caused major marital problems for the couple, and rumors that Lamar has cheated on Khloe haven't helped the situation. On Sunday, Khloe launched a Twitter rant about the situation. "Really hard to sit here and listen to people talk [expletive] about my family!" she wrote. "[Expletive] you and shame on you! I'm too protective for this [expletive]!"