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If Mercy James is ever given a scrapbook chronicling her early days as Madonna's daughter, chances are the first page will feature a red string. On Saturday, one day after winging from Malawi to London on a private jet with a nanny, a nurse and an assistant, the 4-year-old tot turned up at the Kabbalah Centre with her new mom and siblings.

The London Sun says Mercy received a special Kabbalah blessing during the one-hour outing, which came shortly after sister Lourdes, 12, and brothers Rocco, 8, and David, 3, treated her to a tea party at the family's palatial digs.

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Also spotted at the Centre: Guy Ritchie, who was said to be picking up his sons for the weekend.

"[Madonna] had hoped to have all the children together for the next few days," says a source. "But David couldn't contain his excitement and was tearing round the house like a runaway horse. He kept shouting, 'I want to see my sister,' and endlessly hugging and tugging at her. In the end it was best to pack him off with Rocco to Guy's [country estate] in Wiltshire."

But if Mercy takes to her brothers the same way she's reportedly taken to Madonna, their belated bonding probably won't make much of a difference.

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According to the paper, when mother and child were reunited in London, the adorable ankle-biter moved the pop icon to tears with the greeting, "Moni, moni Mummy," which translates to "Hello, hello Mummy" in her native Chichewa language.

"[Madonna] has been waiting for this moment for years, but realizes that she shouldn't overstimulate Mercy by immediately smothering her with attention and things to do," continues the insider. "After all, she has been in this before when she brought David home from Malawi so she understands how confusing it must be."

For the next several days, Madonna plans to "cocoon" Mercy so she can adjust to her new family and surroundings (and presumably mommy's special model-friend Jesus Luz, who was spied biking around London on Monday). Also on the bonding schedule: lots of singing and reading.

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That's assuming Madonna can pry Mercy away from her favorite new toy.

"Mercy has already fallen in love with the [$3,300] rocking horse ... in her bedroom," shares the source. "She can't take her eyes off it."

Mercy did manage to tear herself away to get some fresh air on Sunday, when shutterbugs snapped her outside Madonna's mansion in the arms of a woman assumed to be her nanny.

"Mercy looked slightly confused," a bystander tells the London Daily Mail. "It has obviously been a bit like a circus around her over the past few days so it's not surprising. It was only a day or two ago that she was still in Malawi and now she finds herself in the middle of London without her friends."

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Her culture shock will probably continue next month, when Madonna relaunches her Sticky & Sweet tour. Mercy is expected to join the Big M on the road, traveling everywhere from Helsinki to Prague to Madrid.

Meanwhile, Mercy's biological father is expressing his disappointment over the adoption, griping to reporters, "My Mercy is gone. Madonna has used her money and power but my blood lives in Mercy forever and ever. There is nothing I can do now."

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