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Mama Malin! Suddenly single Trophy Wife star Malin Akerman simply cannot get enough of her baby son Sebastian, she told Us Weekly Wednesday at Elle's Women in Television celebration at Sunset Tower in Hollywood.

"It's like one of those things where it's everything you expected, but it's not at all how you expected it," the ABC star, 35, said of motherhood. "There's so much love, and in such a crazy way, it's one of those things where you just keep pinching yourself because they grow so much all the time," she added of her 9-month-old son with rocker Roberto Zincone.

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"You keep going, 'Wow, he looks so much like me,' or 'he's doing this, and that's so much like his father," the Swedish-Canadian star said. As previously reported by Us, Akerman and Zincone split in November after six years of marriage. The drummer filed for divorce just seven months after their only child was born.

"[There are] so many moments that you didn't know were going to happen that just excite you that are really small things," added Akerman, who was showing friends pictures of her son on Wednesday night. "All I want to do is hold that baby."

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Wearing a sleeveless, flaming-red Osman cocktail frock with white Chelsea Paris heels, the devoted mom said she actually "put on the dress at the very last minute, and then scooted out without holding him" before the celebratory dinner.

As for baby milestones and characteristics, Akerman said little Sebastian is "almost walking now." She continued, "The best part about him is that he cracks himself up with so many things."

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"Literally, I'll put him in his bed, and all of a sudden, I'll just hear him laughing in his own bed," she gushed. "He's kind of amazing. And I'm walking backwards, and he's walking, just watching your feet walk backwards is hysterical to him."

Despite the breakup, Akerman has been busy juggling motherhood along with her hit comedy series. "It's so much fun. I mean, every moment," she said of life with Sebastian. "I get to bring him to work every day," she added. "He comes down to set. Everyone on set are like his aunts and uncles. He's going to be a really social baby."


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