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By Gena Oppenheim

Controversy, schmontroversy! Critics may have ranted that Melissa McCarthy was too bundled up in her cover shoot for the November issue of Elle, but she couldn't care less about what anyone else thinks. Talking to Wonderwall on Oct. 22, the "Heat" actress put the kibosh on the trench coat controversy heard round the world. "I wanted to do something much more editorial and edgier," the 43-year-old explained of her sexy photo shoot, before heading into the 20th Anniversary Elle "Women in Hollywood" fete to receive an honorary award for her work.

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The oversize Marina Rinaldi jacket she wore spurred some to slam the magazine for not putting the star in a more skin-baring ensemble for the cover similar to those worn by the month's other cover stars, but Melissa stands firm behind her outfit -- especially since she chose it herself!

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"At the last minute I saw that big old coat and it had been so hot that I wanted to wear like cashmere, so I wrapped up in that and we went to the roof and that's where we shot it," the "Bridesmaids" star revealed.

Whether she's gracing the cover of a fashion mag or just at home with her two daughters Vivian and Georgette, Melissa knows exactly what she feels best wearing and doesn't need anyone else's advice.

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"I know it when I put it on. I want to feel like myself, comfortable and each outfit has its own personality to me, but I have to feel good in it," the funny woman added.

But if critics do start chirping again, Melissa will be just fine with the support of her husband of eight years Ben Falcone, who she calls, "the nicest, smartest guy on the planet."