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Shania Twain wasn't the only star who suffered an embarrassing gaffe on Wednesday's CMT Music Awards in Nashville.

While Twain, 45, wiped out as she approached the stage to present an award, Crow, 49, endured a slightly different indignity while performing "Collide" with the show's host (and her ex beau) Kid Rock.

Wearing a short, white skirt to croon the song on a stool alongside Rock, Crow briefly flashed her underwear to the camera when she stood up -- in a DVR-replay moment that quickly went viral online.

The Grammy winner and mother of two was chill about the flub about an hour later while presenting an award with singer Sara Evans.

After all, it could have been way worse, Evans pointed out at the podium. "At least you were wearing underwear," she cracked.

Joked Crow: "I was wearing underwear because I'm good, clean, wholesome family fun."


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