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Jenelle Evans is pretty angry with her ex Gary Head.

The troubled "Teen Mom 2" star, 20, announced their breakup via Twitter Sunday, writing: "I'm very depressed. Me and Gary broke up for good."

Evans later elaborated: "What hurts the worst is he doesn't give two f-cks how I'm feeling." The MTV reality star (and mom to son, Jace, 2) even accused Head, 22, of getting physical during an argument, which he later denied. "I never hit her," he tweeted.

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Head, who is in the Marines, told one Twitter user that "getting girls has never been a problem for me. That's why I left Jenelle for someone better." Evans said she did eventually "call the cops" but "told them I didn't want to press charges to jeopardize his career."

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Evans changed her tune Monday, writing: "He is being kicked out and [he's] $9,000 in debt. He's about to lose it all."

One source tells Us Weekly that the exes had "been fighting for a really long time," while another insider says that Evans "was really into him but got sick of him totally walking all over her."

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On Monday, Evans uploaded a YouTube video that featured her riding shotgun in a friend's car while angrily singing Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' "Face Down." She dedicated the kiss-off to her ex, "Gary Motherf---ing Head."


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