Hailey Baldwin has the serious stamp of approval from husband Justin Bieber's mom!

Stoianov-spot / BACKGRID

Just days after Justin and Hailey wed for a second time in front of friends and family, the pop star's mom, Patti Mallette, had some majorly kind things to say about her daughter-in-law.

"You have truly been blessed with a BEAUTIFUL bride, son. πŸ˜πŸ™Œ INSIDE AND OUT!" Patti commented on one of her son's Instagram posts. "I don't think I could have picked a better match for you. πŸ”₯"

But she didn't stop there: "You are a gift to each other. I am grateful and consistently humbled by the love and blessings of God over you both," she continued. "My mamas heart is full. Okay. Here we go again.. 😭😭😭."

Justin himself has been quite busy on social media this weekend. In addition to posting a slew of photos and videos on his own account -- and sharing in an Instagram Story that his wife scratched the rims of their hot pink Lambo -- he also started an Instagram account for his dog.

The pooch is amassing followers quite quickly. Less than 24 hours after Justin posted the first photo on his @oskietheposkie account, the privileged pooch had already amassed over 850,000 followers.

In addition to cute photos and videos of the dog, followers will also get a glimpse at his famous family members, including Justin, Hailey, and even grandpa Stephen Baldwin.

Welcome to Instagram, Oskie!