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Are George and Amal Clooney expecting a little addition to their new family?

Multiple websites have been speculating that Mrs. Clooney has a bun in the oven after pictures were snapped of her seemingly with a bit of a belly bump.

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George Clooney's rep, however, has been quick to shoot down the rumors, telling TMZ that Amal is "NOT pregnant."


In the pictures taken at West Hollywood's Soho House over the weekend (see them here) Amal is photographed with her hands in front of her belly, while the coat hangs awkwardly, almost protruding slightly above her waist.

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Perhaps we can chalk it up simply to Amal being shot at a bad angle. Or not. It certainly wouldn't be the first time a publicist has tried to throw off the media.

Somehow we get the feeling that the rumor mill will continue to churn on this one for awhile.