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In recent weeks, Carrie Underwood has been dropping the h-word (as in husband) like so many diamond-encrusted anvils. And it seems her hockey-playing beau, Mike Fisher, has taken the hint by getting down on one knee and slipping a sparkling piece of ice on her finger.

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"It's true," the strapping Ottawa Senators center, 29, told reporters on Monday of the engagement chatter (via the Ottawa Sun). "We're both obviously excited and very happy."

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He revealed that he asked for the comely country crooner's hand on Sunday but declined to dish up any other details.

Underwood's rep also confirms the happy news, telling us, "The couple couldn't be happier. No wedding date has been set at this time."

Word of the question-popping began bubbling over the weekend when a family friend tweeted his congratulations to the squeezes, enthusing, "We just got the call at our family Christmas get together :)"

The message sparked a Twitter avalanche from curious fans, prompting the poster to take his page private after insisting he wasn't the first one to spill the betrothal beans.

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The proposal comes just ahead of the low-key pair's one-year anniversary. No word on whether Underwood, 26, plans to take Fisher's last name, making her Carrie Fisher and leading to confusion for legions of Princess Leia fanboys the world over.

The chart-topper, who was spotted cheering the NHL-er on in Ottawa over the weekend, has been increasingly vocal about her schmoopy feelings for her honey and her plans for the future.

"You are the most amazing addition to my life! You are such a wonderful person and have had such an amazing hand in the building of this album and in the growth of me as a person," she gushed in the liner notes of her latest CD, "Play On." "I love you so much! You make my life better in every way! I thank God for you every day."

But Underwood scoffed at rumors that she was planning to cohabitate with Fisher.

"No, call me old-fashioned," she explained to Ellen DeGeneres last month. "We're both doing our thing and it's good. The next guy I move in with will be my hubby. Whoever that is. I'm not saying it's going to be him."

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She also admitted that their romance is her longest yet: "I joke and say my dogs are the longest relationship ever."

Mike, in turn, told the Toronto Sun that she was only his second serious girlfriend, adding that the other one "was a long time ago."

"We're both happy with the way things are . . . I'm obviously happy," said Fisher. "Things are great off the ice."

So great that the doll-faced blonde has started sharing her plans for hearing a thundering stampede of little feet.

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"Not that I have a husband to have one with yet, but someday I'd like a family -- not a big one, but not a small one either," Carrie told the January issue of Self magazine. "Two kids is good; three is fine. Four? Somebody's getting something done, because we ain't having five!"

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