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Open mouth, insert foot? Donald Trump has again made controversial comments, this time while talking about Muslim women's attire.

While speaking to supporters in New Hampshire, The Donald mentioned that an unnamed person suggested that we fight for women so that they no longer have to wear burqas.

"We want it where the women over there don't have to wear [burqas]," he said someone mentioned. "And then I said, 'Oh that makes sense.' But then I saw women interviewed and they said, 'We want to wear them. We've worn them for thousands of years. Why would anybody tell us not to?' They want to! What the hell are we getting involved for?"

He then came over the top, suggesting that the reason women like to wear them is because "it's easy," and doesn't require them to have to wear makeup.

"They don't have to put on makeup," he said. "Look how beautiful everyone looks. Wouldn't it be easier?"

He then said that if he was a woman, he'd probably wear one.

Twitter, as expected, unloaded on Donald. "Yes #DonaldTrump please wear a burqa that covers your mouth too," one user tweeted.

Donald Trump. #NoFilter.