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By Melissa Hunter

After the rest of the cast snubbed Dustin Diamond (aka Screech) for the People magazine "Saved by the Bell" reunion cover, Dustin has gone "Revenge of the Nerds" on them, but in what we assume to be a much less entertaining, much more pathetic way.

According to UsWeekly, Dustin has released the cover for his apparently scathing tell-all book about the show, "Behind the Bell," which hits shelves Sept. 29th. Catchy title, though the author of the upcoming Taco Bell history must be pretty p---ed.

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As you can see, Dustin is pictured above a "SBTB" cast photo on the cover of his tell-all memoir. Aside from the atrocious choice of colors (brown and orange? Really?) and his half-hearted pose as a sleazy magician, using an unlicensed promotional photo of the show he's defaming? I smell drooling entertainment lawyers.

But let's move on from judging the book by its cover, and judge the book for other reasons. The book claimed to promise "sexual escapades amongst cast members, drug use, and hardcore partying." Though Mark-Paul Gosselaar has flatly denied such events, saying, "There are not too many skeletons in my closet." And do you think anyone is going to believe Screech's word over Zack Morris? Get real.

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In any event, the book was originally being published by Gotham Books, but they dropped him shortly after he turned in his manuscript. Hmm, either Gotham thought it was complete libel or the hook-ups, drugs, and partying were all solo acts performed by Dustin Diamond in his trailer. Ew.

It was later picked up by a small Montreal-based publishing house called Transit Publishing. Sounds pretty bad, but when you consider that Lisa Rinna got published domestically, this has got to be a disaster.

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But Diamond does have one big fan: His agent. Jarred Weisfeld, Dustin's literary rep, says, "This book is freaking incredible! Everyone that reads it loves it, and [it] is truly one of my favorites of all time."

Wow, quite an endorsement. That review will probably land on the back cover of his book, along with glowing reviews from his mom and psychologist.