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Compared to dealing with obsessive "Twilight" fans, jury duty is probably something of a vacation for Kristen Stewart. But the actress has learned that there are potential pitfalls to doing one's civic duty.

TMZ reports the actress, back in Los Angeles after stumping for "The Runaways" at the Sundance Film Festival, landed on a jury this week for a three-day trial to decide the fate of a guy who allegedly attempted to solicit an undercover cop for lascivious reasons.

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His defense: It was all a miscommunication because of his so-so English-language skills. The jury bought the excuse and the guy got off -- let us rephrase -- the guy was found not guilty.

But Kristen's courtroom drama didn't end there.

E! News reports that during the course of the trial, a security guard couldn't resist asking for a photo with the erstwhile Bella, who graciously agreed.

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Unfortunately, the wife of one of his co-worker buddies posted the camera-phone snap online, and, like all things "Twilight"-related, it spread quickly around the blogosphere.

That didn't sit well with the court, which apparently takes celebrity privacy seriously, and, as a result, both men could be facing the unemployment line.

"Now I feel bad," says Stewart. "I am really scared, because I think it is possible that they could lose their jobs."

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Meanwhile, amid whispers that the starlet and her bloodsucking leading man, Robert Pattinson, have been advised to turn down the heat on their rumored romance comes a knee-slapper from the pages of Star magazine.

The tab claims that Kristen caught the eye of Orlando Bloom while hanging with pals at Sundance, and he was supposedly "flirting shamelessly" with her.

Uh-huh. Oh, and their chemistry was not only said to be "explosive," but there was also purportedly hand-grabbing (him to her) and chest-touching (her to him).

"Things were intense," dramatizes a source, who alleges the pair rendezvoused later that night.

But wait, you might ask, isn't Bloom happily dating oft-scantily clad supermodel Miranda Kerr, who, like Stewart, might have inadvertently just cost some poor schmo his job?

Seems that way. Insiders insist to Gossip Cop that the "intense" tabloid tale is so much fiction.

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