Michelle Duggar didn't mince words when she addressed the crowd at a pro-life rally on Monday, July 8, in Texas. According to a tweet from reporter Jason Whitely, who was covering the event for Dallas-Fort Worth ABC affiliate WFAA 8, the 19 Kids and Counting matriarch referred to abortion as a "baby holocaust."

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Duggar, mom to 19 children with husband Jim Bob Duggar, was at the Stand4Life march at the Texas Capitol in support of the divisive House Bill 2 and Senate Bill 1, which aim to severely restrict women's access to abortion in the Longhorn State. (Among other things, the bills ban abortions after 20 weeks.)

Citing her daughter Josie, 3, as an example of a child born at 25 weeks, just five weeks past the proposed restriction, the TLC reality star, 46, urged lawmakers to pass the bill. "If those who are voted in do not support life, then they need to be replaced by those who do," the San Antonio Express quoted her as saying.

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The rally came less than two weeks after Texas Senator Wendy Davis' much talked-about filibuster of a similar bill, SB5, which also sought to ban abortion after 20 weeks. Davis, a 50-year-old single mother and Harvard Law School graduate, talked for 10 hours -- on her feet, and with no bathroom breaks -- in an attempt to argue against the bill and in favor of abortion rights for women.

"This is better than any movie I have seen in a long long time," Mark Ruffalo tweeted of the June 25 filibuster. "We the people have the power we have always had the power we just need to gather and take it!"

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"Truly inspiring to watch @WendyDavisTexas standing up for women's rights in Texas," Hunger Games actress Elizabeth Banks added, using the trending hashtag "StandWithWendy."

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