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Clint Brewer / Splash News 1 / 6

Like most teenagers, Miley Cyrus tends to veer between emotional extremes, and in recent days she's gone from feeling flirty during a hands-on dinner with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth to fuming over being constantly surrounded by the paparazzi.

First up is the toothy starlet's demonstrative display over raw fish with her "Last Song" co-star-turned squeeze. A spy tells People magazine that the pair, who spent the holidays together in the actor's native Australia, looked "very much like two kids in love" as they chowed down at a Los Angeles-area sushi joint.

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Miley, 17, and Liam, 19, "were very affectionate with each other, laughing, giggling and being very touchy-feely," adds the eyewitness. "It was very sweet."

Not as sweet: the rumor that they're shacking up at her family's homestead (in separate bedrooms, natch) after she supposedly gave parents Billy Ray and Tish an ultimatum: He moves in or I move out.

"In the end, [they] decided they'd rather have Miley under their roof with Liam than not knowing where she is at night," a snitch tattles to the National Enquirer. "Billy Ray believes it's better to keep Miley on a short leash and to monitor her rather than alienating her and risking a rebellion."

You'll recall that this same living-in-sin story was floating around when Cyrus was dating underwear model Justin Gaston, and, just like that one, it's being roundly denied.

As for the shutterbugs, the teen queen took to her official Web site on Saturday to kvetch about the "total chaos" that ensued when she went to visit a pal.

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"Honestly I am so over these photographers!" the Twitter quitter griped of the 30 or so snappers who tagged along on her outing. "It's really scary for me, especially being a new driver! Sorry I'm venting, but somehow I feel like my fans are the only people I can talk to."

Now, we'd find that last part really sweet and sympathy-worthy if not for the fact that Miley stepped out of the house that day sporting a shredded, open-backed shirt and teetering in black boots, a style selection that she knew would set off a flashbulb explosion.

Of course, the blinding light might explain why she attempted to unlock the wrong Prius, a mistake the lensmen were only too happy to capture.

But that incident earns Miley a free pass from us, because we've been there and done that, and we're really glad no one was around to film it.

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