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Body by the Brit! When Pippa Middleton burst onto the scene at her sister's royal wedding, she nearly stole the show with her toned physique. Now, she's revealing her fitness secrets, and it's intense!

Writing for Waitrose magazine, Pippa detailed her 10-week workout program, writing, "Exercise can easily be incorporated into your life; all it requires is a change of mentality."

The fitness freak essentially says that staying active is the key, be it from indoor climbing, boxing or letting your inner child out by jumping on a trampoline.

In Pippa's long guide to fitness, she stresses the importance of "engaging the abs," "using the arms" and "building the glutes." She even points out the benefits of taking a simple walk.

"Regular power walks at a moderate-to-high intensity will give you those wonderful endorphins," she wrote, "invaluable to staying positive and crunching calories."

Working out outdoors is actually beneficial in multiple ways, she said. "Fresh air, scenery and nature can all add to that feel-good factor, so exercising outdoors will invigorate the soul and flush the cheeks for a healthy glow," she wrote.

Kate's sister definitely practices what she preaches and is often seen on charitable bike rides or running marathons.

To get fit, she encourages readers to set a "realistic" fitness goal. "Getting fit doesn't have to mean battling away at the gym each day -- your personal goals need to work with you and your lifestyle," she says.

In the ten-week program, Pippa lays out the week-by-week workouts in vivid detail. Halfway though the challenge, she recommends mixing up the workout and experimenting with Pilates, something she swears by. What it really comes down to is enjoyment. "It's vital to find something you enjoy as you're more likely to continue with it long term," she writes.

Granted, none of this will come easy, but all the "incline push ups," "reverse crunches" and "side skaters" will all be worth it.

"The body gets used to any repetitive activity and performs it more efficiently, so results and motivation might dwindle after a period of time," she writes. "I always find it helpful to change my workout - use the cross trainer instead of running, lift heavier weights, try a new class - every 4-8 weeks."

Hey, if it gets us toned like Pippa, sign us up!