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Looking casually chic in Louis Vuitton, Taylor Swift covers the November issue of InStyle, where she takes the opportunity -- once again -- to impress upon her fans that she's quite content focusing on No. 1 these days, rather than putting all her energy into a romance.

She also reveals that starting a family may not be in the cards for her now, or ever.

"I don't know if I'll have kids," Swift says (via E!). "It's impossible not to picture certain scenarios and how you would try to convince them that they have a normal life when, inevitably, there will be strange men pointing giant cameras at them from the time they are babies."

As for a trip down the aisle, that's not part of Swift's near-future vision, either. "I'm too young to get married," she explains. "Not age-wise, but I know myself, so why try to meet someone right now when I know I'm too young to do something serious?"

Instead of worrying about meeting Mr. Right, Swift has been focusing on getting to know herself and her girlfriends, a group that includes Lena Dunham, whom Swift credits with helping her understand feminism, and Lorde, among other celebs. And those relationships are way more important to Swift right now.

"It would take an astonishing human for me to even consider getting back into a relationship," she admits. "It would take something really, really, really, really different—a kind of a one-in-a-million person for me to face all that. I don't have any kind of idea who I'd want to be with, because I don't have any pieces missing from my life right now. I'm not looking for anything to complete. I think that's a nice place to be."

"The last couple of years have been about defining life on my own terms. Being on my own, prioritizing my girlfriends, my family and my music above everything else and trying things I never thought I'd try," she says. "It's really been a liberating and freeing time."

Things may get a wee bit less liberating come Oct. 27, when the singer drops her highly-anticipated new album, "1989," for which she's been dutifully hosting cat and cookie-centric listening parties over the past few weeks. But the inevitable promotional push doesn't seem to be factoring into her overall excitement.

"I think for the new album, I really wanted to make sure that it stood for something different," says Swift (as excerpted by the Daily Mail). "That was one of the main goals: making sure I don't make the same album twice, and I didn't with this one. It's very much a brand-new endeavor and I'm so excited."


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